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I recognize you have a set goal or objective for your event, and you understand the needs of your audience far better than I do. When we connect we can thoroughly discuss your expectation.

I will then prepare a completely customized program suited to meet your specific expectations. As a result, some programs will blend several topics, each critical to achieving your desired outcome. I have no such thing as a 'canned' program. This is what keeps my seminars entertaining and informative, and the audience engaged.


Some of the more requested Keynote Topics:

The conversation conundrum and the factors preventing effective communication. Express, expose, excite, excel, use words if necessary.

Communication & Presentation

Imagine if you could look back at what you accomplished, before you even get started. Looking back at what's ahead.

Planning and Vision Casting

Imagine if you could change the world with a thought. Manage your mind, don't control it!

Mindset Management

Crafting great recipes result in delicious outcomes. What's in your cookbook?


The 80/20 rule applies in all aspect of your life. The perfect 96 minutes 

Time Management 

Is the customer always right? An inside look at "What do you mean I'm wrong?”

Customer Service

Seminars & Workshops

Some of the more requested seminars and workshops:

Developing a verbal solutions based sales approach to your conversations. The creative and persuasive use of language in all business engagements.

Business Development 

Understanding behavioral styles and their effect on your organization, clients and vendors. Did you feel that?

Business Psychology

Can the right leadership style foundationally change an organization?


You speak, they may not listen. A deep look into the psychology of the listener. The brains ear.

Presentation Skills

An innovative perspective on leadership. 3 letters that can change their lives.

World Domination

Change is inevitable, misery is optional. How to manage the overwhelming challenge of change.

Organizational Change

When we get to close to the trees we miss the forest. An inside look outside the box. 


Understanding the vital need for daily growth. 5/1000th of an inch of happiness.

Personal Development

If success is what you seek, then you may be missing the best part of life. The success vs significance challenge.

Success Mindset

Have you ever said "I don't know what to talk about". It's may be because you may not value your perspective. What's your Worth?


You can be humorous if you take a look at how life plays into spectacular talks if you learn to ‘Dice’ the 6 sides to a story.

Uncovering Humor

Not your everyday storytelling, but a non-sales approach to persuasive discovery and presenting. Let me sell you a story. 

Story Selling

Let’s have a conversation