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You can't change the world in 60 seconds...that takes at least an hour or so.
But some quick tips and tricks you can implement right away could change your immediate world.
These are short 60 second coaching tips I offer from my seminars, workshops and trainings. Topically these tips will touch on, business, speaking and presenting, sales, networking, management, worth, mindset, and a variety of other areas I coach and train on. Keep checking back as I am regularly adding new ones.

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Sometimes you want a checklist of tips that you can focus on implementing.  Here is a list of specific tips.

  • Technical Presentation Tips

    You are brilliant, articulate, intelligent, and some may even say good looking. Ok, maybe just a few. But when asked to present a talk, do you become concerned? Think of this....You've just been introduced, you walk on stage, face the audience, lights blinding, clicker in one hand, sweat in the other. You have 9 seconds after your opening words before your audience begins to judge your comfort, credibility and communication skills. Within moments they will decide if they will listen or tune you out.  Read more....