When it comes to any encounter, be it by the water cooler, the board room, a trade show, conducting a demo, or a sales presentation to one or many, you want to be at your very best.    

I have learned it's the simple nuances in a presentation that can sway your audience to accept or reject your ideas, products or services. Take for example... ever been to a trade show and the moment you show slight interest in someone's product or service, they vomit all over you about how much bigger, better, faster their product is. Or when meeting someone for the first time, you shake their hand and you notice something is off. Can't put your finger on it, but you get a feeling that something just isn't right. That's Micro Messaging at work. My presentation training is focused on Micro Messaging.  

My presentation training runs the gamut from the call to the close. For the purpose of this explanation, prospects, audience, and suspects are interchangeable. 

This training consists of exploring, learning and understanding the following:

The Phone Call

It's a fact, some people would rather die than make a cold call. That’s only because they've had their own negative experiences with cold callers. Learn to retrain your mindset to acquire more business by converting leads into opportunities, craft a profitable prospecting plan, and make calls fun and engaging. Get past the gatekeepers and generate interest in your product and services.

The handshake

It's amazing what one can determine from a simple greeting. There is no wrong way to greet someone, but shouldn't you capitalize on every aspect of your initial connection. How you shake someone's hand can set a positive or negative tone to the subsequent conversation. I train professionals on all cultural and business handshakes so your next one leaves a positive impression.

Initial introduction

I'm not a fan of the 30 second commercial or the elevator pitch. I feel there is so much more that can be explored during an initial introduction. Studies have found, people make an impression of you in the first 16 seconds of an encounter. Much like the strippers walk as a speaker. Because I am a believer of significance over success, your initial introduction should be about your prospect, not you. You will learn the statement strategies necessary for a more attractive initial encounter. 

Comfort vs Confidence

In a world where so much pressure is placed on being confident when presenting, it has become obvious to me that confidence is not your friend. If anything, it's a deterrent to a relaxed conversation between you and your audience. Learn how to be naturally comfortable, instead of confident. After all, in most cases, doesn't confidence come after the fact, and comfort come before?

Sales Conversation

All too often I find good sales people don't take advantage of the connection with their audience in a manner that benefits the prospects. Features and benefits don't sell anymore. People are too savvy for old world selling. Learn question strategies that allow the prospect to feel they are respected and in control. 


All too often as a professional, you face professional buyers who are very skilled negotiators. As such you may end up in time consuming, uncomfortable price negotiations, or wondering if you left money on the table. Learn to prepare for the negotiation and negotiate from the buyers perspective and reach an understanding quicker. 

Transactional Analysis

Wouldn't it be great if you could read someone's mind? Or at least be able to predict their actions and responses? Well, that would really impress you, wouldn't it? But what if how you communicate with your prospect allows for a favorable outcome....every time. Understanding the triggers is a great start. Learn how to modify your communication style to fit your prospects behavior.

The Purchase

I'm not a fan of using the CLOSE on a sales transaction. It comes across to aggressive. But how do you approach the final outcome of a sales conversation? Learn the mistakes many sales presenters are making and avoid them before they happen. Become assured of the outcome, way before you actually attempt to CLOSE the deal. 

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