about me

what’s most important...

I married her almost 16 years ago and a day doesn't go by I don't thank God for her.

My Wife

There are 4 generations of Rivas men in this world. Hide the women and children!


I have one 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier (Mika) and Two 2 year old Biewer Terriers (Domino & Oreo)


What good is being alive if you can't laugh. Having fun is a necessary ingredient in a recipe for a great life.

Having Fun

I have always enjoyed a great movie. The immersive experience allowing the suspension of disbelief to occur is so therapeutic.


I enjoy spending time with friends, from intimate gatherings to crazy parties. Any time with good friends are always good times! 


I've been a proud member of Toastmasters since 2006. This organization has given me a safe place to craft and hone my speeches and seminars.


I love working with my hands and always have a project in the works.  From remodeling our entire home, building a retaining wall or a new front porch, there’s always a new challenge.

Building Stuff

I like to focus on the lighter side of life as much as I can.  Life is too short not to spend as much of it as you can laughing. It’s the purest, most natural and primitive, form of communication.     


more skills

a few more professional skills i have mastered

A one trick pony I am not. I have various talents, outside of my speaking and coaching abilities, I use to
educate and entertain audiences. Some of which you may consider for your next event. 

I conduct several auctions a year, primarily with Nonprofit organizations and schools. Perhaps I could be your next auctioneer?


I've been a percussionist for many years having learned to play congas, timbales and bongos in the parks of New York City.  I've played with several bands and on several local musical albums.


I founded "Illusions by O" a magical performance company years ago. Although I no longer perform professionally, I still incorporate magic into some of my presentations and coaching. 


Marriage between two human beings is a beautiful and magical experience. I love being part of the beginning to a wonderful union.

Wedding Officiant

I have been organizing small and larger events for several years. Most recently was CHI Talks Seattle with over 350 attendees.  Maybe I can help with your next event?

Event Organizer

I enjoy being a  Master of Ceremonies for small intimate affairs and large corporate events. Consider me for your next event.

Master of Ceremonies


projects I am invested in

When you believe in an organization, you give it your all. I give my time and resources to various interests. These are just a few.


The CHI Talks Foundation is preparing to host events in 2015 to bring comedy, humor and improvisational educational sessions for professionals and corporations. Stay tuned to www.chitalks.com 


Learning is a lifelong endeavor. Where you learn is as important as what you learn. I am a proud Board of trustees member, because I believe strong, healthy natural environments emerge only in relationship with strong, healthy communities of people and vice versa. www.antiochseattle.edu


Teresa Springer International together with the Teresa Springer show will be unveiling the Trifecta Transformation. A mind, body and spirit transformation for business owners and entrepreneurs. I am the ‘mind’ coach for the upcoming series. Stay tuned for more information.

details about me


My full name is Omar De Jesus Garcia Santiago Rivas, born to Cuban immigrants in New York City, and moved to Miami Florida as a teenager. Growing up in New York city gave me a unique perspective on life. It's where I learned to defend myself and how to stand up for others that cannot stand up for themselves. I attended St. Rose of Lime Elementary, then Cardinal Hayes High School for 2 years. After moving to Miami I attended Miami Senior High School, Miami Dade Community College and the University of Miami. 




I have a son, Jesse, who is proudly serving in the US Air Force overseas. Jesse has two children of his own, Brandon and Valerie, they live in England, so I don’t see them often. 


My brothers are all on the East Coast. Ruben in Miami, Santiago in Boston, Tommy and Emilio in New York. In 1989 I moved to Seattle to open a West Coast office for a Miami based company, and have been here ever since. 


I discovered my beautiful wife on the internet in 1994. I think it was hot blonds like Cuban boys.com. (just kidding)

We dated 2.5 years long distance as she lived in the mid-west.  She moved to the Seattle area and we dated 2.5 more years before we got married.

I’ve been happily married to her for almost 16 years now.


Ok, let's be serious. I love to laugh. I’m sure you do as well. It’s the purest, most natural and primitive, form of communication. We all learned to laugh before we learned to speak. Communication at that basic level allows the mind to absorb information more deeply.  The ultimate goal for a public speaker is for the audience to experience a moment when ideas and concepts are understood clearly and concisely, and if they are laughing, they are learning. We are designed to be communicators. I passionately enjoy the power of the spoken word and the way it can enlighten, educate and express feeling and information. It is said, the pen is mightier than the sword. That's true, but a spoken-word communicator can change lives. Isn’t that why we are here on this rock? To change, evolve, progress into better beings? I think so. 




I have owned, partnered, developed or managed companies in the following industries:

  • Professional Speaking

  • Consulting & Coaching

  • Textile & Garment Screen Printing 

  • Seafood Product Processing and Sales

  • Fishing Vessel Ownership

  • Auctioneer

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Granite Fabrication and Sales

  • Furniture Construction and Upholstery

  • Bakery Business

  • Meat Business

  • Analog Game Development

  • Event Management

  • Promotional Products Printing and Sales

  • Magician & Illusionist

  • Network Marketing

  • Musician

  • Real Estate Evaluation

  • Youth Group Director 

  • Real Estate Developer

  • Land Developer

  • Construction Contractor

  • Structural Engineering Design


I am a business development and communication speaker and coach located in Woodinville, WA. I founded Rivasity, Inc. a speaking and presentation coaching firm specializing in delivering keynote presentations, seminars and workshops on communication and business development proficiencies. I am a trusted CEO advisor and coach to various executives and corporations in the greater Northwest. I strategically leveraged my 30 years of business ownership, leadership, management and developmental experience in numerous industries to work with business owners and executives to achieve new levels of significance in their industry.

A compelling communicator, able to coach on and provide presentations to, advisory committees, technical committees, executive boards, and community groups.  I have strong collaborative skills which enable me to idea manage and lead various vendors, stakeholders, staff, management, customers and employees, in a variety of industries to a clear and concise understanding.  Superior interpersonal skills, solving multiple and complex issues, while managing multiple projects simultaneously.  Recognized for high personal integrity, attention to detail, goal-oriented, diplomatic, proactive, reliable, and flexible.

As a speaker I presented my way to the World Championship of Public Speaking semifinals in 2010 and to the Finals in 2011 and became one of the top 9 speakers in the world, out of 30,000 competitors in 116 countries, for Toastmasters International.

I speak to groups at Microsoft, Costco, Expedia, RealNetworks, Google, Group Health, Coinstar, Virginia Mason, Zymogentics, T-Mobile, Pemco, Harborview, and many more. I have presented motivational keynotes and educational breakout seminars at several local and national conferences, and have coached many technology executives in the art of presenting with influence.

I am bilingual, strategic, innovative, and passionate about communication. My accomplishments include receiving the 2004 Businessman of the Year for Washington State by the NRCC, 2006 Rotarian of the Year for Park Hill Rotary, and obtaining my Distinguished Toastmasters designation in 2013.

Because business and interpersonal communication is so diverse, I teach and coach on various business and communication principles including  * Business Communication & Development * Mindset Management * Behavioral Style implementation * Transactional Analysis * Sensation Transcendence &  Primary Sensory Dominance * Professional Presentation Skills * Identity – Role Differentiation * and persuasion from the podium, which has been very well received from Technology presenters.   

Several companies and many successes and lessons later, I find myself living in the Beautiful Northwest, with my faithful partner and wife Sandy, and 3 hairy kids (Yorkshire and Biewer Terriers) living a life of challenges and reward.


The Future

My passion has always been to assist, inspire and motivate people. Maybe it’s selfish, because it makes me feel good, but everyone wins.

After I competed at the World Championship of Public speaking finals, I realized that my talent for communicating is secondary to assisting people become better speakers and communicators. So I coach, train and mentor. I have helped executives, directors, managers and a wide gamut of people willing to become better communicators.

So what does the future hold? It’s doesn’t matter as long as I am doing what I love. Coach, train and mentor people. I still aspire to have the World Championship of Public Speaking Title, and become a better husband. I also want world peace, but one thing at a time!