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my work, My passion. 

I'm just a big happy guy! Loving life and looking forward to the next challenge. I've always equated happiness with success, but it wasn’t until I placed people ahead of my own desires did I find true joy. That's when the world noticed me. I now strive every day to be significant in everything I do for the people I work with.  In addition to my main focus below, here are some additional skills >


I speak, they...

…Engage! Whether delivering a conference keynote, a business seminar, or a motivational workshop, my objective is to move the attendees through an intellectual and emotional journey to a life changing conclusion.

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You speak, I...

…ascertain your goals and determine a custom process that guides you towards your desired results.  Whether it's excellent presentations skills, a robust business development program or executive leadership refinement, I provide a personalize process to achieve your desired outcome.

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We speak, you...

…understand my desire is to offer you an outside set of eyes and ears that opens possibilities. Perhaps a new business, or growing your current business, or creating  a productive and fulfilling work life balance.  I provide simple, practical suggestions you can implement right away.

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One size does not "fit all". You're an individual, with unique goals and desires.  Which is why when we work together, I ensure your comfort in our pursuit of your goals. You don't have to be a natural born speaker or salesperson to develop a compelling communication style all your own, however to find your own authentic voice, you have to practice and master certain skills and approaches. I will make sure you learn precisely where your strengths and needs for development are, when it comes to communicating with your clients and audience. Then we get to work on achieving your goals.

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as a speaker

As a speaker...

I've been fortunate to have presented my way to the World Championship of Public Speaking semifinals in 2010.   In 2011, I once again competed against 30,000 speakers, in 116 countries, and reached the World Championship finals, becoming one of the top 9 speakers in the world for Toastmasters International.

I draw on 30 years of business experience to custom craft powerful life changing talks. I have an empirical business understanding I use to deliver my message.

When I speak, audiences identify with me because I have been there.  It takes someone with real business knowledge and experience to conduct a meaningful and impactful talk or seminar.

Becoming an award winning speaker has taught me great speeches rise from great stories. I believe even the toughest audience will listen intently and respond to a compelling story if it's presented with a balanced blend of humor, facts, and sincere conviction and authenticity.

as a coach

As a coach...

Having had great coaches in my life, I have developed a simple purpose…to identify your goals, walk you step by step through a learning experience, provide guideposts and handy tips along the way, until your new presentation, operational and behavioral style is elegantly embedded.

Become a brilliant speaker with  Professional Presentation Coaching
Do you feel your content is excellent, but questions still arise from your presentation?  Let's work together to uncover your potential as a presenter, so you deliver your ideas and concepts with brilliance.  

Grow your business with Business Development Coaching
There is no quick fix to a struggling sales and business development program. Learning and developing new skills coupled with an understanding of your own behavioral tendencies, may be exactly what your business needs.  

Become an influential leader with Executive Coaching
To enhance organizational performance, development and communications you may consider executive coaching. I offer confidential coaching for senior professionals and executives.

as an advisor

As an advisor...

It's a given, elite performers have great mentors, advisors and coaches. I've been a trusted adviser to CEO's, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs. Perhaps an outside set of eyes and ears from someone who’s been there, can change the next 12 months of your future. Looking for someone that provides a sounding board for plans, an unbiased third-party objective review, a support system for accountability, a devil’s advocate on key moves, an idea and technique source, a confidante to discuss challenging organizational and personnel issues?  Let's have a conversation.

Why work with me... I have a consultants mindset and an advisors heart. I am a problem solver, with an expertise in identifying and providing business and life solutions, be it planning, decision making, execution or analysis.

When working together, I offer a proven decision making process that answers career-path development, sales process and templates, implementing management strategies, and business growth plans.

I provide professional experienced assistance in facilitating organizational and cultural change, hiring the best candidates, managing employees for optimum performance, coaching and mentoring employees, implementing a performance improvement plan, develop and implement a quality service culture.

I AM THRILLED to offer workshops for Speakers, ESL PRESENTERS
Technology Professionals
and Professional Women

As part of my desire to make this world a more presentation friendly place, I facilitate workshops in a series format. These are offered several times a year in a variety of locations. If you are looking to develop your speaking habits, present technology to a layman or professional audience, or are a non native English speaking presenter with a desire to improve your articulation, elocution and diction when you present, these workshops may be just for you.

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See what others have to say.  Their comments inspire and motivate me.

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I look to Omar Rivas as a stellar example of connecting with an audience in a way that relaxes and inspires people. I highly recommend Omar to anyone looking for incredible talent as coaching for professional speaking or communication leadership.
~ Frank Selden - Frank Selden Law

Omar is a very talented speaker, with the ability to engage an audience through a combination of superb speech writing, exceptional speaking skills, and a rare talent for connecting with each member of the audience.
~ Harald Horgen - The York Group

Omar is extremely personable and will work with you to ensure that you improve at your pace. Great coach and speaker that I had the pleasure to be with and would definitely recommend him for anyone at any skill set – whether you think you are great or not, Omar will find ways to further improve your speaking and presentation skills. The tools that Omar provided me a year ago are still being used by me today!
~ Mohammed Versi - Vice President HTC

Omar has an amazing gift of pointing out the best in people while offering insightful suggestions for improvement.  The suggestions are served up with Omar's trademark delivery style that leaves the recipients feeling excited and enabled! Coupled with his many leadership accomplishments, Omar is a recognized inspirational and persuasive platform speaker.
~ John Bridge - T Mobile

Omar was one of the single, invaluable and resourceful minds in my life, who aided in my business success in 2010, and will just naturally do the same with any business he comes in contact with. Omar just gets it. What he "gets" is on so many levels it's dizzying. What he delivers, is humor, attention to detail and business objectives, motivation, drive, professionalism.
~ Brian Trendler - Trend Designs

With further coaching I was able to refine and focus my message down to something the audience wanted to hear everytime.  This opened up many opportunities at work as I can now talk in front of a group at a moments notice, something I would previously aggressively avoid. Thank you Omar !  I cannot recommend him enough.
~ Scott Clark - Microsoft

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